The Ultimate Guide to Hosting the Best Bubble Party Ever!

a photo of kids blowing bubbles at a birthday party

Bubble parties are great for kids’ events due to their fun and engaging nature. They turn normal parties into magical experiences with bubbles that fascinate children and encourage social and physical activities. They offer many entertaining activities like bubble contests and dancing amidst bubbles. They can also fit any budget, resulting in a memorable event for all.

Best Time to Host: The best time to host a bubble party really depends on your audience. If you’re hosting a party for younger children, earlier in the day, such as late morning or early afternoon, would be ideal. Kids will have lots of energy at this time, and the natural daylight will make the bubbles look magical as they catch the sunlight. If your bubble party is for older children or adults, you could consider an evening event. Using light-up bubbles or LED lighting can create a magical, glowing atmosphere that can be quite enchanting after sundown. Best Venue: Outdoor venues are usually best for bubble parties. A garden, backyard, or a park can provide plenty of space for bubble activities without the mess or slip hazards associated with too many bubbles indoors. Outdoor venues also allow the bubbles to catch the sunlight or moonlight and create an enchanting atmosphere. However, if you’re planning an indoor event, make sure the area is spacious and well ventilated. You may want to limit the number of bubble machines to prevent the floor from getting too slippery and ensure there’s plenty of room for your guests to move around. Best Audience: Bubble parties are highly versatile and can be enjoyed by a wide range of audiences. Young children, in particular, are often fascinated by bubbles, so they’re a popular choice for kids’ birthday parties. However, bubble parties can also be great for teenagers and adults, especially with creative uses of lighting and bubble effects.


Setting the tone for your bubble-themed party begins with the perfect invitation. With so many creative and fun options available, choosing the right one can add an extra layer of excitement for your guests. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite bubble-themed invitations to help you kick off your event in style.

Whether you prefer digital invites or traditional paper ones, we’ve got you covered. To help you navigate through the myriad of choices, we encourage you to check out our comprehensive guide on our favorite invitation platforms, where we delve into the pros and cons of each.

Additionally, We’ve listed a few of our favorite Zazzle invitations, each offering a unique take on the bubble theme, ensuring your party starts making a splash from the moment the invitation is received!s

Invitation with photo - 1
Invitation with photo - 2
cute kids bubble party invitation
Bubble Party Invitation 1
Pop our bubbles
Bubble Party Invitation 2
Bubble Party Invitation 3
Pop - Party Birthday bubbles
Bubble Party Invitation 4


Creating a bubble-themed party is all about capturing the ethereal, fun, and magical qualities of bubbles. Your decorations should reflect these qualities and create an atmosphere of whimsy and delight. Importantly, the time of your party can play a big role in how you approach decorations. Below are ideas tailored for different times of the day:

Morning/Daytime Party: Morning light can make bubble decorations glisten, enhancing the beauty of your theme.

  • Colorful Bubbles: Use clear balloons filled with colored confetti to create a lively and colorful atmosphere that pops in the daytime.
  • Outdoor Bubble Machines: If the party is outside, set up multiple bubble machines to take advantage of the natural light. The bubbles will glisten beautifully in the sunlight.
  • Bubble Art Station: Since it’s bright, you can have an outdoor bubble art station. Use colored bubble mix and white paper for kids to create their own bubble art.

Afternoon/Evening Party: As the light fades, your bubble party can take on a more magical, twinkling ambiance.

  • Bubble Lights: Use bubble string lights or LED balloons to create a sparkling atmosphere. They resemble bubbles and add a warm glow to the space.
  • Glowing Bubbles: Consider using a glow-in-the-dark bubble solution. This will make the bubbles glow as the evening progresses, adding a magical touch to the party.
  • Iridescent Decor: Use iridescent decorations, such as tinsel curtains or shimmering tablecloths. These will catch and reflect any light, enhancing the bubble-like atmosphere as the daylight fades.
  • Light-Up Bubble Balloons: These are clear balloons that have tiny LED lights inside. They can really create a magical bubble effect, especially in lower light conditions.
360 bubble machine
360° Bubble Machine
Dual motor bubble machine
Dual Motor Bubble Machine
handheld bubble machine
Handheld Bubble Machine

Bubble-themed activities:

Bubble parties provide a unique opportunity to entertain guests with a variety of fun and engaging activities. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Bubble Musical Chairs: It’s the classic game of musical chairs, but with a bubbly twist. While the music is playing, operate a bubble machine or have helpers blow bubbles. When the music stops, instead of sitting, players have to pop as many bubbles as they can. The player who pops the fewest is ‘out’, and the game continues until only one player is left.
  2. Exploring Different Ways to Blow Bubbles: Set up a ‘bubble blowing station’ with a variety of tools – straws, different-sized bubble wands, wire loops, slotted spoons, etc. Guests can experiment and see the different kinds of bubbles they can create. This could also turn into a mini-contest, with prizes for the most creative or unusual bubble.
  3. Making Different Scented Bubbles: Add a sensory aspect to the party by creating different scented bubble solutions. You can do this by adding a few drops of different food-safe essential oils to your bubble solution. Make sure to label each bubble solution with its scent and let your guests have fun trying to identify them.
  4. Stand Inside a Giant Bubble: Create a ‘giant bubble’ station where guests can have a go at standing inside a bubble. You’ll need a small plastic kiddie pool, a hula hoop, and a really strong bubble solution for this. Fill the pool with the bubble solution, then use the hula hoop to lift the bubble up around the guest. It’s a magical experience that’s sure to delight.
  5. Bubble Art – Painting with bubbles
    This activity brings together the joy of bubbles and the freedom of artistic expression. Using a simple mixture of non-toxic paint and bubble solution, participants blow colorful bubbles onto paper, creating vibrant, unique, and surprising art. As the bubbles pop, they leave behind fascinating patterns and splatters, each one as unique as the bubble that created it. This project isn’t just about the end result, though. The process of making bubble art is full of giggles, pops, and the simple fun of playing with bubbles. It’s an activity that’s sure to be a hit with both kids and adults, making it a perfect addition to any party, gathering, or ordinary afternoon. So grab your bubble wands and your art smocks – it’s time to create some bubble masterpieces!
  6. Giant Bubble Wand

    Unleash the magic of oversized bubbles with the Giant Bubble Wand! Crafted to maximize the bubble-blowing fun, this large-scale tool transforms ordinary bubble solution into enormous, awe-inspiring bubbles. The Giant Bubble Wand typically features a long, sturdy handle and a large loop made of absorbent material, such as cotton rope or fabric, designed to soak up and hold a large amount of bubble solution. With a gentle wave of the wand in the air, it releases magnificent, giant bubbles that float gracefully before your eyes. Whether they’re shimmering in the sunlight or catching the hues of a sunset, these giant bubbles add a touch of whimsy and joy to any outdoor activity. Ideal for parties, picnics, or simply a fun day in the backyard, the Giant Bubble Wand is sure to create unforgettable, magical moments for both kids and adults alike.

a photo with bubbles and bubble art
How to - Painting with bubbles
Giant Bubble Wand
Bubble Concentrated Solution



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