Exciting Alternatives to Traditional Party Favors

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Parties are a wonderful way to celebrate life’s milestones. However, the aftermath of a party often includes forgotten or discarded party favors that create unnecessary waste. Why not take a different route for your girl’s next birthday party? This blog explores memorable alternatives to traditional party favors, aiming to create lasting memories, promote learning, and spark creativity.

Experiential Party: Creating Lasting Memories Instead of Favors

An experience can be a gift that lasts a lifetime. The trend towards experiential gifts or parties has gained momentum as people have started to value memories and skills over physical possessions. Consider hosting a party centered around a fun activity that all the girls can participate in. This could be a cooking class where everyone learns to make pizza from scratch, a painting class guided by a local artist, a treasure hunt in your backyard, or a dance workshop featuring your child’s favorite music. Not only do these experiences provide a fun party activity, but they also create lasting memories for your child and her friends, negating the need for traditional party favors.

Ideas for an experiential party:

  • Cooking or baking class
  • Group painting or pottery class
  • Treasure hunt adventure
  • Dance or yoga workshop
  • Themed movie night with props and costumes
  • Outdoor exploration party in a local park, nature reserve, or zoo

Educational Party Favors: Engaging Minds

Instead of plastic trinkets, consider an educational favor that encourages the development of a new skill or hobby. One fun idea is to gift each child a simple, child-friendly recipe or a mini cookbook. This can be a collection of your child’s favorite meals or a theme-based recipe book like ‘Fun Breakfast Ideas’ or ‘Healthy Snacks for Kids.’ You could even include a sample of the recipe like a mini jar of granola or homemade cookies. To make it more interactive, include a small kitchen tool like a cookie cutter or a mini whisk. This encourages children to try the recipes at home, potentially sparking a new passion for cooking or baking.

Ideas for educational party favors:

  • Child-friendly cookbooks or recipe cards with a small cooking tool or ingredient
  • Science kits or DIY experiments
  • Puzzle books, crossword sets, or brain teasers
  • Personalized story books
  • Mini globes, maps, or educational posters
  • planting starter kit
Buzzy® Terracotta Mini Grow Pots
Buzzy® Terracotta Mini Grow Pots
IQ Maze Game Mini Fidget Puzzle Box
Amazing Smart Cube
The Amazing Smart Cube

DIY Craft Party: Fun and Creativity

Nothing beats the joy of creating something with your own hands. A DIY craft party is a fun way for children to express their creativity, and they get to take home something that they’ve made. Choose a craft that matches the age group and interest of the party guests. This could be anything from painting pottery or creating bead jewelry to decorating tote bags or making their own photo frames. Provide all the materials needed, and consider hiring a local artist or craft expert to guide the children. The craft they create will serve as a memorable party favor and a testament to their creativity.

Ideas for DIY craft party:

  • Pottery painting or mosaic making
  • Jewelry or friendship bracelet crafting
  • Customizing tote bags or t-shirts with fabric paint or markers
  • Creating fairy gardens in a jar or terrariums
  • Decorating photo frames or making scrapbooks
an image of girls sitting at a desk with loom bracelet kit.
Girls Party - Rainbow Loom Bracelet Making
Science Party - Grow 'N Glow Terrarium
Wind Chime Craft Party



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