20 Exciting Indoor Party Games to Keep Your Guests Entertained

Parties are all about laughter, enjoyment, and creating memorable experiences. However, finding the right activities to keep everyone entertained can sometimes be a challenge, especially when the party moves indoors. Whether it’s due to weather conditions or simply the preference for a cozy indoor gathering, you need an array of exciting games to ensure your party is a hit. In this article, we’ve curated a list of 20 creative and engaging indoor party games, suitable for all ages and occasions. Let’s dive into this treasure trove of indoor party games that are sure to transform your gathering into an unforgettable event.”

  1. Charades:
    Split into two teams. One person acts out a word or phrase without speaking while their team tries to guess what it is within a set time limit.
  2. Pictionary:
    Just like charades, but this time you draw the word or phrase on a large pad of paper while your team tries to guess.
  3. Scavenger Hunt:
    Create a list of items hidden around your house. Split the players into teams and give them the list. The first team to find all items wins.
  4. Murder Mystery:
    Prior to the party, prepare a murder mystery script. Assign each guest a character. During the party, guests play out their roles and try to solve the mystery.
  5. Bingo:
    Give each player a bingo card and have someone call out random numbers. If a player has that number on their card, they mark it off. The first player to mark off a whole row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) shouts “Bingo!” and wins.
  6. Musical Chairs:
    Arrange chairs in a circle, one less than the number of players. Play music as players circle the chairs. When the music stops, players must sit down; the player without a chair is out. Remove one chair each round until one player remains.
  7. Twister:
    Set out the Twister mat. Spin the spinner and call out the body part and color that the arrow points to. The players must place the called-out body part on the called-out color, leading to much twisting and laughing.
  8. Karaoke:
    Set up a karaoke machine or app. Let guests take turns singing their favorite songs while others cheer them on.
  9. Balloon Pop:
    Fill balloons with small prizes or notes containing fun challenges. Guests pop the balloons and must claim the prize or perform the challenge.
  10. Indoor Bowling:
    Set up plastic or inflatable pins at the end of a hallway. Each player takes turns rolling a soft ball to try to knock over as many pins as possible.
  11. Limbo:
    Hold a pole at a start height. Each player must pass under the pole while leaning backwards. Lower the pole after each round. If a player touches the pole or falls, they’re out. The last player standing wins.
  12. Board Games:
    Choose popular board games like Monopoly or Clue. Split into groups and start playing. You could even have a tournament with different games.
  13. Dance Off:
    Choose a variety of music genres. Guests take turns dancing while others rate them. The person with the highest total score wins.
  14. Guess Who:
    Make a list of famous people or characters and assign one to each player (without telling them who they are). Players ask yes/no questions to determine their assigned person.
  15. Tug of War:
    Divide guests into two teams. Each team tries to pull the rope across a marked line in their direction. The team that manages to pull the rope across their line first wins.
  16. Ping Pong Toss:
    Arrange cups in a pyramid shape on a table. Give players ping pong balls to toss into the cups from a distance. Each cup could have a prize or task associated with it.
  17. Indoor Obstacle Course:
    Use furniture and other household items to create an obstacle course. Time each participant as they go through the course. The fastest time wins.
  18. Pass the Parcel:
    Wrap a small gift in multiple layers of paper. Players pass the parcel around while music plays. When the music stops, the person holding the parcel unwraps a layer. The person who unwraps the final layer wins the gift.
  19. Stacking Challenge:
    Using plastic cups or blocks, set a timer and see who can build the highest stack within the time limit. If the stack falls, the player must start again.
  20. Blindfolded Makeup Challenge:
    Divide guests into pairs and give each pair a set of makeup items. One person in each pair is blindfolded and must apply makeup to their partner. The pair with the most creative (or hilarious) result wins.



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